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Ruebik has launched a pro bono version of our signature executive coaching service, Velocity, in response to the CV19 pandemic.

We are launching this service because of the lack of culturally and socially sensitive wellbeing programming available to leadership teams currently. Current one-size-fits-all programmes are unintentionally not recognising the disproportionate impacts of CV19 on diverse communities and are not addressing the unique challenges diverse leaders are facing.

The Survival Surgery offers a complimentary one-hour coaching session with one of Ruebik’s rostra of diverse and experienced executive coaches and encourages participants to unpack their biggest challenges to help ensure psychological safety and greater feelings of resilience and capability at this time.

Ruebik CEO and Co-Founder, Christina Brooks said, “At a time when equal opportunities for diverse professionals were finally getting close to the most critical consideration in business, corona virus hit and the world had to quickly, and understandably, refocus. The impact of this refocus is having a significant impact on diversity programming and the boardroom is quickly forgetting the vital role diversity of thought and experience can play in combating the effects of CV19.

D&I practitioners were amongst the first to be furloughed or made redundant. When layered against findings of a notable decline in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) communication and focus from the Institute for Public Relations, D&I appears to have been put on ice.

Many of us are now juggling being parents, teachers, professionals and carers, and the lines of professional and personal are blurring. We are uniquely placed to help support the resilience and effectiveness of our diverse networks during this time to minimise the impacts of this new normal. We can help and we want to”

To find out more about this programme, please reach out to Christina Brooks, directly on