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The Diverse Talent Acquisition Experts

Inclusion is at the heart of our service because the future success of your organisation depends on it.

About Ruebik

It’s Time To Evolve Executive Search

We are disrupting the leadership recruitment market through the development of bias-mitigation technology and category-defining inclusive practice.

The Ruebik Platform is designed to optimise and enhance candidate visibility and conversion. By creating equity of opportunity for all highly-skilled but systemically overlooked talent, we are slashing hiring fail rates and significantly boosting longterm returns like retention and innovation.

Ruebik is transparent. Ruebik is built and led by Talent and Technology experts. Ruebik is where untapped talent is found, nurtured and always offered a seat at the table.

What do we have to offer?

Signature Services

Inclusive Leadership Recruitment

Through our pioneering bias mitigation technology, our Client Partnering team help organisations develop high-quality diverse talent pools and then convert them into their organisations.

Senior Diverse Talent Networking

Spotlight is a bespoke networking service that introduces you and your organisation to our vast network of senior diverse talent through content-rich events and activations.

Executive Coaching & Onboarding

Velocity, is our signature on-boarding programme. On-boarding plays a vital role in a senior candidate’s success, so we have built this programme into our service, free of charge.

Inclusive Leadership Development

Our inclusive leadership development programmes are designed to galvanise your leaders with the people-centric skillsets needed to help teams thrive in the new normal.

Unlock the power of diverse talent

Access the Exceptional Diverse Talent You Didn’t Know Existed

Diverse talent is currently being set up to fail. The diverse leader exit rate during the first 18 months is over 60%. And nobody is being held accountable for the psychological trauma this causes diverse candidates or the cost it causes clients. This needs to change.

Our platform has been specifically designed to help you proactively build trust and pre-qualify diverse talent; for richer and more successful relationships. This category-defining blended platform will address all legacy issues faced by users of Executive Search services whilst maintaining the white-glove experience and knowledge expected of a Search provider.

The Ruebik platform creates the interventions needed to see more senior diverse talent hired into, staying and thriving in your organisation. Get it touch to find out how.

Our Founders

Christina Brooks

Christina Brooks

Co-founder & CEO

Christina Brooks has over 15 years of industry experience and is recognised as a leading Executive Resourcing specialist. She has an exceptional track record of delivering diverse cross-functional talent into high-growth portfolio, SME and FTSE organisations.

Previously the Global Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Rolls-Royce, Christina has held management positions in several Executive Search firms, successfully partnering with a wide range of clients across most sectors. She prides herself on imaginatively challenging and adding value to her clients through a ‘trusted advisor’ approach.

Christina would describe herself as an Inclusion activist.


Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams

Co-founder & COO

Joseph Williams has spent 12 years leading marketing, product & innovation teams, helping organisations navigate through the noise of digital transformation to achieve high growth and invaluable connection, credibility and trust with their customers. His experience spans multiple sectors, working across blue chips, public organisations and SMEs alike and includes working with organisation such as Whitbread, News Corporation and Twitter. 

Joseph has spent the last six years building products that better society. As a notable inclusion advocate, he has also led many global diversity campaigns and research projects, including the Financial Times Leadership Diversity Indexes and ground-breaking Colour of Power Review and is cited as a thought leader in this space. 


who do we work with?

We Elevate

Diverse Talent

We are unapologetic for placing your experience at the heart of our business. We have developed our technology and processes to give you exposure to the best roles for you and set you up for success during and after the process, even if you’re not successful.

Our Founders know what its like to be pulled onto shortlists because of diversity optics. We know how important it is to feel valued in the recruitment process for the skills you have, not how many protected characteristics you represent. That is why we have centred what we around showcasing your skills before anything else.

Your experiences and mind unlock your power to innovate. This is why we spend time getting to know you, your motivations, your strengths and weaknesses to ensure your introduced to the right organisations and cultures for you.

We Partner with

Progressive Organisations

With a lack of senior diverse talent in your organisation you leave competitive advantage on the table and commit commercial self-harm.

In order to remain competitive, all businesses need to be unlocking the full potential of the talent they hire and and the dividend on the different ideas and experiences their talent can bring to the table.

We partner with forward-thinking organisations that want to align their people and commercial strategies, increasing engagement and retention rates for senior diverse hires.

The Ruebik platform builds a bridge between your organisation and the diverse talent needed to help it innovate and transform in the new normal.

social impact

Purpose is at the Heart of Our Business

Let’s face it, we can’t say we care about inclusion and then only focus on the outcomes of diverse leaders; a fraction of society.

To sustainably improve representation, we must elevate the underrepresented communities that our day-to-day work doesn’t reach. This is central to our values. That is why we offer pro-bono consultancy and services to a suite of game-changing founders in their efforts to make society a better place for all.

By working with us, you are ensuring incredible organisations like these can continue changing the world.

Our Advisory Board 

Jason Stockwood

Vice-Chairman, Simply Business & Founder 53° Capital
(amongst others)

Roseanne Spagnuolo

Chief Content Officer,

Lord Michael Hastings

Vice-President, UNICEF UK & Chancellor, Regents University (amongst others)

Suresh Raj

Chief Business Development Officer, Vision 7

Jen Shorten

Enterprise Solutions Architect & Data Thought Leader

Sameena Bashey

Former Global HR Leader,

how are we different?

A Deeper Understanding of the Power of Diversity

 In isolation, demographic diversity programmes struggle to improve business performance. However, when these programmes are layered against cognitive and skills-based diversity, performance and innovation thrive.

We have spent the past two years working with behavioural and business psychologists and leaders to create new methodologies that hone in on this crucial difference and elevate competency-based diversity assessment as a route to greater innovation potentail. 

Latest articles

UK blue chips shut Black leaders out of top positions

UK blue chips shut Black leaders out of top positions

Black people are 12-times less likely to be Executive Directors in the UK’s biggest companies than their percentage of the population would suggest, and make up only 1.5% of boards and 0.4% of execsThe problem is even worse than in the US, with Black people in the UK...

 Ready to make a change?

Ruebik is, at its heart, passionate about working with brilliant and diverse Executives and organisations that understand the value their diversity can bring. If this is you, we’d welcome a conversation.