Attract and engage the best diverse leaders in the market.


Create inclusive environments where people of all backgrounds can belong.


Helping organisations embed a transformative culture that reflects the true breadth of their talent

Solving challenges that often seem too difficult, we match organisations to exceptional diverse talent and valuably develop the practices that will engage, empower and encourage their success.

No matter where you are starting from, our client-centred programmes will meet you where you’re at. We’ll help you raise your inclusion literacy and drive sustainable, joyful growth for both your people and your bottom line.

Inclusive Recruitment

Looking beyond the mainstream market map, we match top senior talent to your business-critical roles.

Inclusion Consultancy

We offer a suite of experiential learnings to create culturally competent and empowering workplaces.

Elevate your career

Explore opportunities from values-driven organisations that aspire to include.

Inclusion as an action, not as an afterthought

Inclusion is the golden thread that ties your people, customers and communities together. We help you connect individuals across their differences, using human-centred programmes to establish truly inclusive cultures where everyone can feel valued, respected and heard.

News & Events

Stay informed with the latest insights, articles and best practice knowledge.

Thought Leadership

Unpacking the value of Mentoring

To join the world in celebrating the International Mentoring Day – Ruebik is digging into some of the “whys” and “hows” behind the power of this form of council.

Business Transformation

Ignite Series: Kevin Fegans – business founder and expert in comms and brand strategy

Ruebik ignites the conversation about successful leadership and D&I initiatives with Kevin Fegans, an expert in communications and brand strategy and a staunch champion of diversity and inclusion initiatives and ideas.

Business Transformation

Ignite Series: Memoria Lewis – CEO and business development, transformation and strategy leader

Ruebik ignites the conversation about successful leadership and D&I initiatives with Memoria Lewis – CEO and interim leader experienced in international business development, transformation and strategy.

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